Hood's Gardens
Wholesale Production Greenhouse since 1982



  • Early-flowering
  • Uniform habit
  • Excellent cool weather tolerance

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  • Height: 4-6 in
  • Spread: 4-6 in

Interesting Notes:

Colors Offered:

Azure Dawn, Azure Twilight, Azure Wing, Beaconsfield, Blue, Clear Yellow, Deep Blue, Deep Marina, Denim Jump-up, Lavender Shades, Marina, Marlies, Mickey, Orange, Orange Jump-up, Orchid, Peach Jump-up, Primrose Bicolor, Primrose Blotch, primrose Picotee, Purple Marina, Purple Picotee, Red Blotch, Violet, Violet Beacon, Violet Flare, White, White Blotch, White Jump-up, Yellow, Yellow Blotch, Yellow Jump-up, All-Season Mix, Citrus Mix, Jump-up Mix, Penny Lane Mix, Winter Mix

Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Color
Plant Type
Seed Annuals
Container Sizes Offered
6 inch Pots (Flats of 6)
1801 Bedding Flats
8 inch Pots, Individuals
4.5 inch Pots (Flats of 10)
Mass Planting
Fall Color
Low Maintenance
Spring Bloomer
Cold Tolerant
Light Requirement
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Penny Viola from Hoods Gardens