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Spring Pansy

Inspire Plus - Spring

  • Most advanced breeding in large-flowered pansies
  • Uniform and compact
  • short flower stems - plants don't stretch

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  • Height: 6-8 in
  • Spread: 6-8 in

Interesting Notes:

Color brochure here, Pansy Inspire

Colors Offered:

Beaconsfield, Blue Blotch, Marina, Orange, Red, Blotch, True Blue, Violet, Violet Face, White, White Blotch, Yellow, Yellow Blotch, Yellow Purple Face, Maxi Mix, Mardi Gras Mix, Sun 'n Surf Mix, Sunny Day Mix

Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Color
Plant Type
Seed Annuals
Container Sizes Offered
6 inch Pots (Flats of 6)
1801 Bedding Flats
8 inch Pots, Individuals
4.5 inch Pots (Flats of 10)
Mass Planting
Fall Color
Low Maintenance
Spring Bloomer
Cold Tolerant
Light Requirement
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Inspire Plus - Spring Spring Pansy from Hoods Gardens