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Hood's Designer Mixes

Custom chosen from successful mixes in the past, these will be sure to bring appeal to your garden center.  These 8 mixes will be seen across a variety of sized options this year at Hood's Gardens.

  • Starry Night - Petunia Night Sky, Bacopa White, Verbena Purple
  • Countryside - Lantana Flame, Calibrachoa Purple, Petunia Yellow
  • Freedom Rings - Begonia Dragon Wing Red, Scaevola, Petunia White
  • Tropical Paradise - Lantana Sunrise Rose, Petunia Pink, Verbena Purple, Lysimachia
  • Lavender Shades - Calibrachoa Blue, Petunia White Rose Vein, Verbena Lavender
  • Feugo Rojo - Sanvitalia, Coleus Lava Rose, Petunia Red, Verbena Red
  • Pink'splosion - Calibrachoa Light Pink, Petunia Lipstick, Verbena Pink
  • Spring Rush - Calibrachoa Yellow, Scaevola, Petunia Lipstick
  • Sunnyside Up - Calibrachoa Yellow, Petunia Yellow, Verbena White
  • Berry Blast - Calibrachoa Pink, Petunia Raspberry Star, Verbena Purple

Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Color
Plant Type
Vegetative Annuals
Container Sizes Offered
10 inch Hanging Basket
12 inch Hanging Basket
14 inch Moss Hanging Basket
Long Blooming
Hanging Basket
Staff Favorite
Blooms all Season
Light Requirement
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Soil Moisture
Keep Well-Watered
 Hood's Designer Mixes from Hoods Gardens