Hood's Gardens
Wholesale Production Greenhouse since 1982

New Customer Information

Hood’s Gardens, Inc. is a wholesale grower supplying annuals to the retail garden centers and landscape trades.  We feel it necessary to verify each customer’s wholesale status before they purchase.  For this reason all potential customers are asked to submit a Customer Application and submit an Indiana General Sales Tax Exemption Form.  We must have a copy of the Indiana Tax ID for all customers.  We do not offer our products for sale to the general public. Customers must be approved and established as an account before they can purchase. All purchases are assumed to be for resale or will be used in the regular course of business. We qualify each potential customer, including verification of tax identification number, to insure that we are not selling directly to consumers. This helps us to protect the traditional wholesale and retail channels of distribution.

At Hood's Gardens, we accept cash, check and credit card.

Application for credit can be discussed and will be given out in person when asked.  Just because you are approved as a customer does not mean you are approved for credit.