Hood's Gardens
Wholesale Production Greenhouse since 1982


Hood’s Gardens was started in Westfield in the fall of 1982 by Steve and Tina Hood.  They both graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Horticulture with individual dreams to have their own greenhouse.  Putting their interests and talents together they started Hood’s Gardens, a family business.   They first rented a small 30x60 old tomato Quonset and started growing poinsettias for Christmas and zonal geraniums, ivy geranium and impatiens hanging baskets for spring.  Tina delivered in the back of her S-10 pickup truck with a cap. They still proudly serve those first customers today!  

Things started to grow, both family and business!  They bought 7.3 acres south east of Noblesville in 1982 with the plans to build a greenhouse. The plan was to have a small greenhouse that the two of them could handle with maybe one full time employee.  A used structure was purchased on Steve’s 30th birthday and built in 1984 while still renting the one in Westfield.  

Cecily, their daughter, was born in the fall of 1984 which delayed the opening of the Noblesville greenhouse.  Spring of 1985 was the year of the first crops in their greenhouse.  The Quonset in Westfield was purchased and brought to Noblesville in 1985.  An addition of a son, Brandon, came in 1986 along with more greenhouses.  By now Cecily was hanging from the cross bars in a Johnny Jumpup and Brandon in the Little Tike wagon or on his mom’s back!  Six years into their business in Noblesville Steve left his job and joined Tina full time.  Construction of new greenhouses kept them busy for several years as the children grew and became great helpers.  Today they have more than 4 acres in greenhouse space and 10+ acres in outdoor production and both children have graduated from college!   And that first full time employee, Ed, is still planting, spacing and loading the truck.  

They thought at the beginning of their dream they would be a small family greenhouse.  God had other plans!  They have been blessed and have seen God working in incredible ways over the years.  They both know that if it weren’t for their Heavenly Father they would not be in business today!   It is Him that has strengthened them and provided for them each season.  PTL!  If you ever have time to hear their testimony (ies) it is well worth the time!  Both of them know who is in control and where their strengths come from and through Hood’s Gardens many missions across the world have been blessed by Steve and Tina’s giving back.  Give God the Glory!!