Hood's Gardens
Wholesale Production Greenhouse since 1982

Independent Garden Centers

Hood’s Gardens, Inc. was started to supply garden centers with quality plant material for mutual success.  We strive to grow varieties that will perform for your customers.  We do not produce just one brand of plant material.  We pick and choose varieties that we feel are the winners. Ones that we would want in our own gardens and ones that will bring you repeat customers for our mutual success.  We apply proper labeling on our products to comply with the weights and measures requirements.  A bar code is also attached for your use. We will gladly supply you with the codes if desired.  

We realize placing orders for your needs is difficult to predict but we would appreciate knowing what your expectations are to give us guidelines for our production.  If there are specific needs for your sales we will be more than willing to grow to fill those needs if sufficient notice is given.  If there are items you desire but we don’t normally produce just ask.  We try to be open minded but we can not successfully grow everything.