Hood's Gardens
Wholesale Production Greenhouse since 1982

Garden Center Availability

We currently have a live availability and ordering system for all customers.  Please log in to your account and go to Create New Order.  Select Summer Speculation Order.  This will bring up all plants we have available, with pricing and quantities on hand.  All ready items you can put into your cart and order.  The items marked Currently Unavailable will be coming ready in the near future.  This is to give you a broader picture of what we are growing and the quantities.

All orders are subject to a $750.00 minimum.  Our hours are 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, year round.  If you need assistance outside of those hours please let us know.

Fax to: 317-776-2432

Email to: Mike@hoodsgardens.com

For Pickup and Delivery, we ask for 24 hour notice.  Less time than that and your pickup or delivery has the chance to be delayed.