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Geranium Calliope Hanging Basket

Annual Flower Fundraising

Supporting Local Organizations

Hood's Gardens is proud to support local fundraising efforts.  Growing all of our plant material here in Noblesville allows us to produce beautiful flowers for your organization, as our hands are always working with it.  From large to small, we serve a wide range of fundraising groups.  We offer four seasons of fundraisers for your consideration.  Some groups do one a year, others multiple - whatever works best for you. 

We split our fundraising efforts up into seasonal slots.  These are the main items offered in each season. 


  • Early Spring - Delivery/Pickup target by 3rd weekend in March - Beautiful, full of vivid color, nothing says spring like Pansy Bowls. With a variety of colors and mixes there is something to please all tastes.
  • Summer Annuals - Delivery/Pickup target, last week in April - Flowers that will last a summertime! (If cared for properly.) We have an assortment of Hanging Baskets, Geraniums and Bedding Flats available at this time.
  • Fall Garden Mums - Delivery/Pickup target, week of Labor Day - Our most popular fundraiser effort, Garden Mums are a simple sell and easy way to welcome Fall into your neighborhoods.
  • Winter Decor Containers - Delivery/Pickup target, week after Thanksgiving - Custom created live greens containers are perfect for patio's or porches. Will last through winter months as a decorative piece.

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