Hood's Gardens
Wholesale Production Greenhouse since 1982

Contract Growing

At Hood's Gardens, we grow a large percentage of our materials on specific orders from our customers.  These items can be 1801 flats for landscape contractors to large 24 inch Patio Planters for a local garden center.  Proper timing is imparative in this regard, as we can then work together with you to create the look and feel that you want.  From a jobsite that is calling for a specific annual to a custom container for your garden center - we will fill the needs of our customers.  Planning is always happening, for the next season or the next year, we always have to be looking ahead at Hood's Gardens - which allows us to best serve you.

Preferred Ordering Timing

  • Spring Flowers - by October 27th for all variety choices
  • Summer Begonias - by January 1st
  • Summer Flowers - by January 20th
  • Fall Flowers - by June 8th
  • Winter Decor - July 27th